Want a Learning Management System?

By OSS Academy Staff | Wed, 26 Feb 2014

Law Enforcement, Corrections, and Telecommunications Learning Management System

Streamline the development, delivery, and reporting of law enforcement and corrections staff training into one, easy-to-use system.  Through an agency Learning Management System (LMS) you can deploy specific online courses or blended training courses, while easily tracking and demonstrating learner compliance.

Through our Learning Management System:

  • Easily upload agency specific courses and exams
  • Distribute agency policy and procedures and test on critical policy items
  • Track employee progress and course completions
  • Access a library of state mandated and elective online courses
  • Manage both online and instructor-led training events

Key Features & Benefits:

The Best Content In The Market

  • NEW Peace Officer, Corrections, and Telecommunicator courses are always added.
  • Centralized tracking and reporting of employee training compliance that helps spot training gaps and decreases liability.
  • Fast reporting and documentation of training compliance and policies.

Strengthen Compliance and Mitigate Risk

  • Reduce compliance deficiencies by increasing participation and by simplifying training management
  • Streamline your reporting with an automated system
  • Reduce liability risk related to staff as well as your agency with the best content in the field
  • System automatically tracks and reports when you need sign-offs on policies and/or documents
  • System notifies your training team if a staff member has not completed a course, reviewed a policy/document and/or attended a live-training event

Reduce Training Cost, Time, and Effort

  • Training teams receive certificates IMMEDIATELY after learner completes a course
  • Ability to automate course assignment, tracking, notification and reporting
  • Access hundreds of hours of up-to-date courses
  • Reduce travel expenses for live training
  • Minimize/eliminate overtime expenses with flexible training

Use Blended Approach To Improve Quality Of Training

  • Get more training completed with less effort spent
  • Allows all staff members to learn at their own pace & learning ability
  • Interactive courses test staff members level of attention and understanding
  • Much more convenient for staff and training personnel
  • Online training helps staff come to live training events more prepared

For additional information visit our Learning Management System webpage, contact our Training Coordinator at 281-288-9190 ext. 205.