OSS Academy® provides advanced, adult-based instructor led training courses in conventional classroom and field settings, as well as high-quality e-learning courses through a variety of distance learning systems. Our specifically developed and presented courses are usually targeted at addressing the adult learning needs for law enforcement and corrections officers, telecommunicators, local government management teams, and risk managers. Some of our instructor led training courses have designed and presented include:

  • Arkansas Highway Police – Management Through Policies & Procedures
  • Decatur Police Department – Jail Risk Management and Medical Intake
  • Detroit Police Department – Deterring Crime
  • Federal Protective Service – Police Officer Course
  • Georgia Department of Public Safety – School Bus Safety
  • Haven for Hope – Life Safety Course
  • Houston Metro Police Department – Community Service Initiative
  • Mississippi Department of Education – School Resource Officer Course
  • Mississippi Department of Education – School Safety Officer Course
  • Mississippi Department of Public Safety – Adult Detention Officer Course
  • Mississippi Department of Public Safety – Juvenile Detention Officer Course
  • Montgomery County Sheriffs Office – Classroom Instructor led training Course (TCLEOSE)
  • Montgomery County Sheriffs Office – Firearms Instructor led training Course (TCLEOSE)
  • Sheriffs Association of Texas – Critical Policy Liabilities for Sheriffs
  • Sheriffs Association of Texas – Law Enforcement Liability and Policies & Procedures
  • Sheriffs Association of Texas – Policy & Procedure Development Course
  • Travelers Insurance – Emergency Vehicle Operations Instructor led training Development Course
  • United Nations – Security Police Management & Tactics
  • U.S. Department of Homeland Security – Counterterrorism Courses
  • U.S. Immigration & Custom Enforcement [ICE & INS] – Detention Officer Course
  • U.S. Marine Corps – Base Police Officer Course
  • U.S. Marshals Service – Riot Squad Course

Our training courses are not developed at random, but rather targeted and designed toward improving specific performance objectives. Often this includes the identification by agency management of a specific risk or desired performance level. In other cases, the training need may be mandated by state law or agency policy. More recently, the federal government has been passing laws with unfunded mandates that impact already stretched training budgets. Whatever the case, we can deliver measurable and cost-effective training solutions.


OSS Academy® has one of the most up-to-date and expansive law enforcement and corrections distance learning libraries to be found anywhere in the country, and there are more courses in development. To view our e-learning courses online click here or click the “Enroll Info” button above right.

What’s more, we can quickly develop a specific course that your agency might need. If your officers or agents are scattered, or your budget restricts taking officers out of the field or jail for training, for pennies on the dollar, we can design a course specific to your needs, and have it ready for officer access often in 30 to 60 days. As new employees are added, or remedial training is indicated, the course remains available through our or your agency website.

As part of our service, your agency can even acquire access to our learning management system [LMS]. With our strategic partner, OSS Academy® offers an LMS that not only delivers online training, but also automates the registration process while providing detailed recordkeeping.

Instructor Led Training

OSS instructors are no strangers to traditional classroom instruction. They have taught classes both in and outside of the U.S., and in settings ranging from universities and colleges to small town gatherings. The course we present most often is Law Enforcement Liability Update. This is an annual update covering basic issues in the use of force and deadly force, corrections, and recent developments in case law.

Our academy staff is often called on to develop specialized training for professional groups such as insurance carriers and brokers, police agencies, and national professional associations. Some of the more recent topics include Positional Asphyxia, Excited Delirium & Taser®; Risk Management for Law Enforcement; Law Enforcement & Corrections Liability; and, Security Lighting Standards.