Trust me when I tell you that a chain reaction happens when the teachers are given access to the OSS curriculum, and in turn approximately 200 high school students benefit from the updated material provided by OSS through the law enforcement teacher. I work with tons of vendors in various industries, and OSS is by far the most customer service centered I have encountered.

Steven Porras, Coordinator, Career & Technical Education, Canutillo ISD

The training provided by your academy instructors was the best we have seen. We are especially pleased with the training provided to our town on Managing Law Enforcement Liability. This course has placed us on a new footing. All of our law enforcement stakeholders turned out and took this training including our Judges, Sheriff, Deputies, and Police Chief and Officers. Everyone has nothing but praise for the material and the way it was presented. Thank you again.

Charlie Graves, City Manager, City of Sonora, Texas

For years, the law enforcement and corrections clients of BancorpSouth have enjoyed the quality training provided by OSS Academy instructors. There is no doubt that your instructors bring a wealth of knowledge and talent to each lesson, that is far and beyond what is typically available from other sources.

George (Sonny) Blackwell, VP & Corporate Risk Manager, BancorpSouth

After finding OSS over 15 years ago, they fast became a favorite trusted source for providing training for our insureds. Always responsive and trustworthy, OSS remains current on court rulings, media reports, and methodology in order to provide the most state of the art education; and they do so in a manner that is informative as well as entertaining. Attendees are very satisfied with the materials they receive and with the content of the coursework.

Ashley Bonner, Senior Risk Control Consultant, Trident Insurance Services
POLICY DEVELOPMENT | … your work is outstanding and we are definitely bragging to other departments about you. We have given your information to … our neighboring town, and … Both are starting the process of revising their policies, we have shown them your work on our policy book and we gave them your information, both were impressed. Again, thank you for the … policy and your assistance.
Glenn McAuliff, Lieutenant, Country Club Hills Fire Department
POLICY DEVELOPMENT | … Recently, a Deputy was accused of a serious crime. This allegation is under investigation by the State. However, we were required to conducted a departmental investigation. Following the “ICE” policy guidelines, we navigated the incident observing the Deputy’s rights and protecting the Department’s interest. The internal investigation resulted in an employment termination without encroachment into criminal proceedings. This would have been almost impossible without a well written policy. Guidance on this one incident was well worth the purchase price. Thanks again,
Wayland Cothron, Chief Deputy, Trousdale County Sheriff’s Office
RISK MANAGEMENT | As an outside consultant, OSS has been a tremendous resource to us in the areas of design, leasing, construction, management, and legal. OSS has helped us address premise liability issues and has helped us be a better, more proactive real estate company. I have recommended OSS to other peers in the retail arena.
Neal O. Wade III, President, HSC Realty, L.L.C., Houston, Texas
TRAINING | I would like to thank you and your wonderful staff for the EVO class … I have spent fifteen years in both civilian and military law enforcement … attended a lot of classes and training seminars … I applaud … OSS as training consultants and I am very impressed with the instruction … Your company is on the cutting edge in training in high liability areas. You and your staff are Top Notch and First Class!
F. Scott Goodwin, Quincy Police Department, Quincy, Washington
RISK MANAGEMENT | We commend OSS for their effort in improving the risk management practices for the Cleveland Police Department. As a result of our association with OSS, it is our goal to transform the Cleveland Police Department into a model for the rest of the police departments in the state of Mississippi to emulate. We commend OSS for being the catalyst in improving our police department. On behalf of the Mayor and Board of Aldermen.
Wayne Cole, City Manager, The City of Cleveland, Mississippi

TRAINING | The law enforcement training program developed by OSS for the state is now mandated training for all police and security officers working in public schools. The quality of your work greatly exceeded our expectations. Robert Laird, Director, Safe & Orderly Schools, Mississippi Department of Education

Robert Laird, Director Safe & Orderly Schools, Mississippi Department of Education

TRAINING | One of the best parts of my job was working with OSS. I have never met a more capable, intelligent, driven, and friendly group of people.

Justin Hess, M.S. Project Manager, Content Development, Relias Learning

TRAINING | We include OSS law enforcement experts in our training to newly elected Sheriffs and find their presentations of a high quality and relevant to what a Texas enforcement agency needs regarding policies and procedures. I have nothing but good things to say about OSS. They have honored their commitment to our Association and the Sheriffs we serve and provide a valuable resource for our members.

Steve Westbrook, Executive Director, Sheriffs' Association of Texas, Austin, Texas

TRAINING | OSS law enforcement advisors have a unique combination of street, management, and risk experience. I teach many law enforcement courses, and recently used OSS multi-media training material, which I found superior to that known elsewhere.

Robert G. Hanna, Jr., Esq., Attorney at Law, Lavery, Faherty, Young & Patterson, P.C., Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

TRAINING | As a FBI Special Agent (Ret.), and Director of Life Safety at Haven for Hope, I can assure you that law enforcement, security, and safety on our campus is a high priority and dynamic! A key component of our enforcement operations is the professional support provided by OSS. When faced with the daunting challenge of designing our enforcement program and implementing strategy we turned to the folks at OSS. They assessed our objectives and core values, developed corresponding model enforcement officer course, and instructed our officers in two separate iterations. Our enforcement program and quality of training received highest praise from upper management of the San Antonio Police Department and Sherriff Ortiz.

Arturo P. Vela, Dirctor of Life-Safety, Haven for Hope of Bexar County, San Antonio, Texas 78207

TRAINING | I want to let you know that I appreciate you and the entire OSS Academy staff. Mr. Salmon and I have corresponded many many times regarding different courses and issues. He is very responsive and open to suggestions for classes. I was thankful for the options the OSS Academy site has to keep me updated on my training requirements at a very reasonable cost by comparison to others. I’ve made this clear to Mr. Salmon before and want to let you know as well that I believe the delivery method of the courses offered by OSS Academy are by far better than the competition. None of the competitors offer such a wide array of classes at such a reasonable cost. The OSS Academy is doing something right. I am glad to be a customer.

C. Windsor, Sergeant, Texas Peace Officer

TRAINING | Thank you for all that you and your staff do to ensure all Officers across the Law Enforcement spectrum stay up to date with Continuing education training.

R. Wagnon, Texas Peace Officer

TRAINING | You guys are freaking AMAZING! Thank you so much … Y’all have a wonderful and blessed day!

J. Martinez, Texas Peace Officer

TRAINING | Thank you for your time and your response to my question. I truly appreciate the quick response. … I have taken many classes through OSS and will continue to recommend my fellow officers do the same.

E. Jones, Texas Peace Officer

TRAINING | I would like to take this time to thank you for your guidance and amazing customer service. Everything about the (Supplemental Peace Officer #1018) course was clear and concise. The study material was sufficient and I will be referencing that material as I proceed with the process. I highly recommend OSS Academy to everyone thinking of crossing over to Texas Law Enforcement.

E. Carrasquillo, Florida Peace Officer

TRAINING | Thank you very much. You have been a great to work with. Furthermore, I have really enjoyed the online courses that I have taken through OSS Academy. Lastly, the personal contact has been great. I can’t thank you and your staff enough for your professionalism.

S. Sutter, Texas Peace Officer

TRAINING | … I want to thank you for everything. OSS has made my life easy and our licensed personnel’s licenses easier to obtain. You are very much appreciated and I just absolutely love Karen and Sydney. They always are a joy in speaking with. I use OSS for everything and refer non-employees to y’all as well.

S. Smithers, Training Coordinator

TRAINING | All I can say is I love you guys/gals!

E. Waters, Texas Peace Officer

TRAINING | You guys and the Academy hands down are the best tool for keeping TCOLE hours current. I’m extremely pleased to have you. Besides that, the course are broke down where its very student friendly and able to surpass final exams comfortably. Thanks once again …

G. Olivares, Texas Peace Officer

TRAINING | The online classes are awesome and our officers and dispatchers are very thankful. Your staff has been great and have really made this transaction superb. Thank you and your staff for the professionalism you have displayed to our department.

B. Snell, Texas Peace Officer & Investigator

TRAINING | Thanks! You have amazing customer service and you’ve made me very proud to take the courses that you provide! I learn a lot from them! Have a great night, weekend and thank you for the help. You’re awesome …

R. Wyatt, Texas Peace Officer

TRAINING | Just wanted to Thank You. Finished and passed. I will use you in the future. Great customer service.

N. Hamlin, Texas Peace Officer (Retired)

TRAINING | Thank you very much! The training service you provide is a truly great. I come from Michigan and there is nothing like your service … Have a great day!

A. Melinn, Texas Peace Officer

TRAINING | … I found y’all on the internet and have been very pleased with everything y’all have to offer. When I called the staff was friendly and answered all my questions. I was updated on everything all along the way. I would recommend y’all to anyone looking pick up TCOLE classes. Thanks again …

P. Hill, Retired Texas Constable

TRAINING | Thank you sir … I have to say that I have taken many online courses to maintain my license but I always come back to OSS. Quality courses. A pleasure to say that sir. Truly.

R. Smith, Texas Peace Officer

TRAINING | … I love your website on-line training. I think I’ve learned more from your presentations and learning objectives than any on-line training I’ve ever been associated with. You’re doing a great job, and I look forward to doing many more hours of on-line training with OSS Academy …

W. Sartain, Texas Peace Officer

TRAINING | Thank you for your email. I greatly appreciate the offer to enroll me in another course due to the Body-Mounted Cameras class not being TCOLE approved; however, that will not be necessary. My department asked me to research policies and training for BWCs. It speaks to the professionalism of OSS to make such an offer.

I am a retired FBI agent who was involved in training throughout my career and I currently conduct training and provide expert testimony for law enforcement. As a reserve officer I provide training and policy recommendations. I would like to compliment OSS for its training. I have found it to be exceptionally well done and presented in an interesting format.

C. Joyner, Texas Peace Officer

TRAINING | I just wanted to let you know what a tremendous experience it has already been working with your company … I am blown away with excellent service and highly recommend you to any LE out there. Thank you!!!

L. Brashear, CID

TRAINING | Thank you. OSS allowed me to catch up on my TCOLE requirements; I got the basics for my level of license (Master Peace Officer) completed … Now I am going to take the courses I want to take.

P. Donnelly, Texas Peace Officer

TRAINING | Thank you for what you do. Not all agencies are willing to send people to training like this. Mine especially. I spend my own money to get the best. And you guys are the best! Again thank you.

R. Weston, Texas Peace Officer

TRAINING | You have an awesome company.

Z. Beauchamp, Texas Peace Officer

TRAINING | As we have talked before … OSS has been a God send for the … Sheriff’s Office as far as catching the officers up on their training requirements. In the entire year 2016 29 officers and dispatchers received 171 hours of training from the previous administration. From 1 January 2017 until present the same number has received 2368 hours of training, a large number of that has been with OSS. Thank you for being a great training partner.

J. Hunt, Professional Standards / Jail Administrator

TRAINING | I just wanted to send you this email to say thank you for OSS Academy Online training. Each class I took was very informative. I will recommend future use to fellow officers in the State of Texas and will use OSS Academy again. Again, I want to say Thank you!!!!!

K. Downs, Texas Peace Officer

TRAINING | I have to tell you how impressed I am with something other than the site. It’s the customer service from you guys. I am one of many special operations guys that will be coming into various positions using (the Texas Administrative Code, RULE §219.25, License Requirements for Persons with Military Special Forces Training) process. I have been told that I’m the first to do this in the State of Texas. That being said, because of the last 24 hours of my experience with the folks there and just the sweetness (yeah I said that) of how you guys respond. I will be sending all of my brethren that are pursuing this right to you. I’m impressed. Thank you.

P. Craig, U.S. Special Forces - TCOLE Applicant

TRAINING | … Just so you know, thanks to your wonderful customer service thus far (I am so very impressed) I have passed along your website information to various officers I work with, who are in need of classes as well. It is so wonderful to find an organization that is so exceedingly helpful, and seemingly excited to be so. You and your organization are a blessing, sir. I thank you and all your co-workers for all your help and I look forward to taking many classes from you in the future …

A. Brock, Texas Peace Officer

TRAINING | I recently purchased some corrections supervisor courses and other TCOLE classes. As a new mom, the prices and convenience helped me alot. I am up for a promotion and the classes really made my resume standout. THANK YOU!!!!

C. Lopez, Texas Jailer

TRAINING | Just wanted to let you know that I think you guys are on top of your game and thank you so much for assisting me in my need to complete this training. You guys are professionals and greatly appreciated. I look forward to continuing to do business with you in the very near future. I’m sticking with you guys. Thanks again.

S. Esparza, Texas Peace Officer

TRAINING | I think I’ve been with you guys since you started on the ground floor. I like the class format. It’s very easy to navigate. You have a ton of classes I still want to take.

Simon K., Texas Peace Officer

TRAINING | I want to thank your for all your valued assistance. I am very, very impressed with the quality of your courses. I got into the business back in 1977 and it is amazing how the job has changed and the training has advanced … Again, many thanks, and I will most certainly recommend OSS Academy to all!

T. Gaylor, Missouri Medical Examiner's Office

TRAINING | I recently had my Peace Officers License Re-Activated after being retired the last time for 17 years. Any written course that can inform and teach a Practical Learner like me is worth it’s weight in Gold. I shall return to live this great experience again. Thank you OSS.

C. Yarbrough, Texas Peace Officer

TRAINING | Thank you so much. I love the courses OSS supplies and the good people that make it happen. They are always professional and courteous. It is refreshing to do business with all of you. Once again thank each and everyone of you for all you do.

M. Doty, Texas Peace Officer

TRAINING | I love your on-line training, it makes a lot of sense in today’s hectic world!  I look forward to doing more training with you this cycle.

J. Weber, Texas Peace Officer

TRAINING | Thank you for all of your help and guidance. I can’t image ever going back to my old training center. This was the most thorough, convenient, yet affordable route to go. I wish I had discovered you last training cycle. Sincerely, thank you.

W. Guthrie, Texas Peace Officer

TRAINING | I enjoyed this online class. The use of video and speaking parts of the material helped me understand. I liked the ease of taking this course at my own pace. Thank you.

V. Gorman, Texas Peace Officer

TRAINING | I wanted to thank you for … entering my CE hrs so I can start getting my certificate pay for my Intermediate Peace Officer license. It was extremely pleasant to speak with and I feel you are going out of your way to help a complete stranger to better my career. You have definitely gained my business for all of my continuing education needs and wants from here on out. I printed out The OSS Academy Training site and it is posted on our training board at the SO. Once again thank you. Since I spoke with you yesterday … The classes you submitted yesterday to TCOLE have already posted to my records. Thank you very much Mr. Salmon for your continued excellence in customer service. Your training academy has far exceeded my expectations and in my opinion is unmatched in the education field. Your experience and customer support you and your staff provide to law enforcement professionals is greatly appreciated.

J. Smith, Texas Peace Officer

TRAINING | Thank you for all you do for us…the service is tremendous. I appreciate the hard work you all put into the courses and I look forward to taking many more courses with you all.

R. Simpson, Texas Peace Officer

TRAINING | Hi, just wanted to thank you for your help … I noticed that it is already posted and really appreciate your help. Also would like to tell you guys that I would be recommending my friends and partners about OSS Academy.

J. Guerrero, Texas Peace Officer

TRAINING | Thank You OSS for providing TCOLE Spanish for Law Enforcement #2110, it was definitely worth the wait till it was put online. I find this particular course most challenging. I look forward to continuing other courses in the near future.

Robert Long, County Jailer, Harrison County Sheriff's Office, Marshall, Texas

TRAINING | I am glad that there are organizations like yours out there that provide training for law enforcement that are on the move. Since I am doing consulting and instructing work … I am not always in Austin to take advantage of face to face training opportunities. Your organization is a great help for me to have the access while away to maintain my license and commission … in Austin, TX.  Thank you.

C. Haggerty, Texas Peace Officer (Retired)

TRAINING | I really appreciate … all your help. … You’re course went more in depth than classes I’ve attended for Civil Process. As I stated, I need 15 more hours & will let you  know which course.

T. Hotchkin, Texas Peace Officer

TRAINING | Thank you for all you do for the Texas Peace Officers. You all offer an invaluable service that is great training. I would even say that even though it is distance learning it is on par and in many cases better than the actual in service I have taken part in … I look forward to continuing my law enforcement training through your online training center.

R. Simpson, Texas Peace Officer

TRAINING | Thank you for all the help that you provide. I will be back for more classes and you definitely have a new long time member. I will also spread the word of your website.

Deputy J. Rojas, Texas Peace Officer

TRAINING | It was a great class and looking forward to putting the rest of the officers who need the course through.  This will keep from having to take them off-line, changing their schedules, and having to find someone hosting the class.

Sgt. P. Taylor, Texas Peace Officer

TRAINING | I just wanted to say thank you for the terrific course. I have recommended OSS to several officers I work with and look forward to doing business with you again soon.

R. Gillock, Texas Peace Officer

TRAINING | Thank you for adding Inmate Rights and Privileges #3502, as well as all the others that were also added just recently … I have accelerated my online continuing training, thanks to OSS wonderful courses offered.  Keep up the good work.

R. Long, Texas Peace Officer

TRAINING | … I completed the class the other day and just wanted to thank you for coordinating a great website. The course I took was very informative and easy to follow along with. I have a wish list of classes that I’m hoping to accomplish with OSS Academy in the near future. Thank you again …

R. Radziski, Texas Peace Officer

TRAINING | … I have already passed you on to two other former officers looking to keep up their hours so expect more business. I enjoyed the classes and will continue to take your courses as time permits. Thanks again.

S. Knaus, Texas Peace Officer

TRAINING | I’ve taken several courses on your site and have been promoting it ever since to my fellow officers … best accessible and various training since the Backup/BlackwaterUSA Corporation went under … Great Job!

C.W. Dotson, Patrol Sergeant

TRAINING | I am glad I found your site. I prefer it to others I have used in the past. I saw several other courses I need to take and will do so over a period of time. I will also share your site with my fellow officers. I liked your pricing structure and method of presentation.

V. Mayfield, Texas Peace Officer

TRAINING | I was very impressed with the content, the layout, and the flow of the material.   You guys did a great job and I believe that all the officers will benefit from the on-line training!

Robert E. Benfield, Director of Risk Management Services, South Carolina Association of Counties