Upcoming – Online Courses

OSS Academy® distance learning courses are taken by law enforcement and corrections officers, and 911 telecommunicators across the United States.  In addition, we are proud to include courses that are of interest to other professional and student groups such as attorneys, city and county managers, corporate security personnel, and criminal justice students.

Check back often as we are constantly updating and loading newly developed courses (as completed) throughout the year.

Specialized courses currently under development and scheduled for completion, include:

  • Dynamics of Middle Easterners™ – Triple I Solutions
  • Elder Care Investigations
  • Guilty™ – Triple I Solutions
  • Jail & Lockup Liability
  • Oleoresin Capsicum & Pepper Guns
  • Search and Rescue Operations
  • Superior Concealment Detection™ – Triple I Solutions
  • TDD/TTY for Telecommunicators #3812 (TCOLE) [Option 2]
  • Terrorism & Your Community
  • Violent Extremism Detection™ – Triple I Solutions
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction

If you do not see a course that you or your agency are interested in, Contact OSS Academy®.