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By TMPA | Thu, 3 Apr 2014


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Job Opening for Law Enforcement Instructor


JOB TITLE: Law Enforcement Instructor
SALARY OR WAGE RANGE: From $49,600, depending on experience.
FLSA: Exempt
DATE: March 15, 2014

The Law Enforcement Instructor will support the TMPA Training Coordinator in providing professional training to the Texas law enforcement community.

B. JOB DUTIES (List the job responsibilities in descending order of importance and estimate the percent of time spent for each.)

The primary duty of the law enforcement instructor is to provide for the training needs of partner Texas law enforcement agencies by:

  • Teaching TMPA training courses including TCOLE mandated intermediate core courses
  • Developing new training partnerships with law enforcement agencies statewide
  • Updating and developing materials for current and new TMPA training courses
  • Assisting the Training Coordinator in identifying, developing and maintaining new adjunct instructors
  • Assisting TMPA members (and non-members) with member service requests
  • Providing, collecting, controlling and submitting to the Training Coordinator (in a timely manner) necessary paperwork from classes including; rosters, evaluations, assignments, tests, etc.

The law enforcement instructor shall also:

  • Remain current in relevant training to enhance teaching and training skills
  • Act as a representative of TMPA while teaching, training and interacting with stakeholders
  • Assist the Field Services Division with TMPA annual conference and other events
  • Provide articles, training updates, and other relevant information for publishing in the TMPA newsletter, weekly E-Blast, etc.
  • Other duties as assigned

C. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS (Indicate the education, experience, licensure, and training required to fulfill the essential duties of the job.)

Education Requirement:

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university preferred. Additional experience as a licensed peace officer may be substituted for education on a year per year basis
  • Must have an Intermediate Peace Officer License
  • Must have a Basic TCLEOSE Instructor License

Required Experience:

  • Applicant must be or have been a commissioned peace officer for a minimum of 5 years
  • Applicant must have 3 years’ experience as a law enforcement trainer

D. KNOWLEDGE/SKILLS (Indicate the level of proficiency and complexity of knowledge/skills required to perform the job, e.g., technical skills, communication skills, professional knowledge, etc.)

  • Have strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Knowledge of TCOLE rules regarding training and training provider responsibilities
  • Proficient in the set up, operation, and break down of the PRISIM shooting simulator
  • Willing to travel at least 50% of the time
  • Excellent computer skills including knowledge of Microsoft Office applications
  • Ability to work in a strong team environment
  • Professional attitude and appearance
  • Bilingual skills in Spanish are highly favorable

E. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS (Indicate the physical attributes needed to perform the job, e.g. lift x amount of pounds, stand, kneel, sit -percentage of time, etc.)

  • Stand for extended periods of time – over 4 hours
  • Sit for extended periods of time – over 4 hours
  • Must be able to lift up and load/unload 70 pounds in and out of buildings and vehicles.
  • Must be able to work more than 8 hours per day
  • Must be able to work more than 40 hours per week
  • Must be available to work evenings and weekends periodically

F. SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES (State the title and number of employees supervised.)

  • N/A

G. JOB CONTACTS (List the contacts in other departments or outside the company that are required as a regular part of the job and for what purpose.)

  • All TMPA members and non-members while in the field.
  • Other TCOLE training providers
  • All partner organizations
  • All Law enforcement agencies in the State of Texas

To apply please send resumes and cover letters to Curtis Wilson, Training Coordinator, This position is open until filled.

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TMPA is an equal opportunity employer.