The Incredible Online Education and Training Evolution

By OSS Academy Staff | Wed, 19 Apr 2017

OSS Academy® is one of the pioneering online training providers serving law enforcement, corrections, and telecommunicator training needs.

From our inception, OSS Academy® has focused on professional adult learners in these fields.

Built on the pedagogical foundation, which adult learners succeed, all of the courses offered by OSS Academy® have incorporated these adult learning concepts that have predictable outcomes which make learning more effective.

OSS courses offerings are designed to meet and exceed training regulatory agency standards and our course designers are Subject Matter Experts (SME) in their own respective fields of public safety.

Every online training course we offer has clear, comprehensive, and measurable training objectives. Additionally, our course content is designed to be visually pleasing and equivalent to the reading comprehension level of a typical law enforcement professional.

We also strive to accommodate different individual learning styles while through multiple instructional delivery methods.

Note that online education is exploding by leaps and bounds each year. Online police, sheriff correctional, and telecommunications training is on the same growth path.

About OSS Academy

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