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By Triple I Solutions | Fri, 11 Mar 2016

OSS Academy® is proud to announce our partnership with Global Counter-Smuggling Training Consultants, LLC. d/b/a Triple I Solutions to bring you specialized online training in the near future. Triple I Solutions, a Texas based consulting firm, was founded in 2010 by active law enforcement officers in an effort to provide specialized training throughout the world in the field of criminal and terrorism interdiction, rapid behavioral analysis, as well as courses related to understanding various cultures and extremist ideologies.

Triple I Solutions provides courses titled “Smugglers, Inc.™”, “Evading Honesty®”, “Superior Concealment Detection™”, “Guilty™”, “Dynamics of Middle Easterners™”, and other courses related to “Violent Extremism Detection™” for law enforcement personnel. These courses are trademark of Triple I Solution and unique to the company.

The founders, Shawn Pardazi and Kenneth Biggs, have spent over 40 years combined, investigating large-scale drug and currency trafficking organizations that operate within and outside the United States. They possess a wealth of knowledge, which enables them to provide up to date and comprehensive material for the students in an effort to educate officers in detection, identification, apprehension and prosecution of suspected contraband smugglers.

Shawn, who speaks Farsi fluently, has operational efficiency in Arabic, Pashto and Spanish, has spent over 20 years interdicting suspected terrorists and smugglers in the US. His background in complex investigations and his expertise in the field of Rapid Behavioral Analysis and understanding emotional responses through micro and subtle expressions was the trigger to his decision to develop the course called “Smugglers, Inc.™”, since nearly all other interdiction courses only focus on patterns and fruitless indicator based curriculum. He has received extensive training from components of the US Government, including the CIA’s Behavioral Analysis Unit in both interview and non-coercive interrogation techniques. He is also a certified expert practitioner in the Paul Ekman Subtle and Micro-Expression Detection Techniques. He is the co-author of their publication called “Evading Honesty®”, along with his work partner Brandon Roberts and business partner Kenneth Biggs. The publication, which is available in bookstores and through Amazon, is named after their course that is designed to provide not only LEOs, but also the average citizen in detecting signs of deception in short face-to-face contact with individuals.

His road partner, Brandon Roberts, who also serves as one of the main consultants for the company, is a co-author of Evading Honesty®. He is a graduate of Rasmussen College with a degree is Criminal Psychology. He is also a certified expert practitioner of the Paul Ekman Group’s Micro and Subtle-Expression Detection Techniques and has also received extensive training from various organizations to include the CIA’s BAU. Both Brandon and Shawn are active LEOs, assigned to a counter-terrorism/interdiction task force through a US DHS Task Force that operates in the Southern States.

Kenneth Biggs, the co-founder of Triple I Solutions, has been an LEO for over two decades. He began his career in the US Marine Corps and served with elements of the US Military’s Special Operations Units. He left the military to become an undercover narcotics agent for a task force in Texas and went on to become a K9 handler, serving as an interdiction officer for a number of years. Kenneth also served with the United States Department of State as a SOF Contractor with one of the most elite contracting firms in the world. Kenneth decided to further his dreams and attended law school in Texas and currently serves as one of the lead prosecutors in a Texas county, charged with the prosecution of high-level narcotics trafficking and organized crimes cases.

Their combined expertise in the fields mentioned, enabled these officers to develop courses that are comprehensive and allow the student to not only become fully aware of the topic, but also to walk away with skill-set that assists them in becoming better officers, investigators and be able to conduct effective and complete investigations.

The Smugglers, Inc.™ course, was designed by Shawn himself, after design and development that took nearly 5 years. This course takes the student into the backdrop of the actual smuggling organization, relating to their transportation component. This allows the student to become familiar with target selection and the utilization of data provided through records to determine clandestine activity. The course continues by teaching the students the proper interview techniques, considering the detention time, legal ramifications of what can be asked and where to draw the line, and how to effectively detect deceptive behavior to help identify clandestine activity. All material used in this course, as well as others, are the materials designed, developed and implemented daily by Shawn and his team. The techniques are unique and developed through years of research and based on actual operational experience. All videos, publications and any discussion at the course is derived from the instructors themselves and not related to third parties. Weblinks: Syllabus

The Evading Honesty® course, was designed by Shawn and Brandon, who based on their expertise, reviewed thousands of their own videos and cases to determine set of factors that are present in those who are being deceptive during contact with LEOs. Utilizing their expertise in rapid behavioral analysis, statement analysis and years of experience, they were able to identify certain triggers that can be implemented to determine the level of deception in an interview. Knowing that the legal system always requires the officer to be able to justify the detention based on factors that are abnormal, their course is designed to give the officers the tool they need to address this issue and win a suppression hearing that questions length of detention and reasonable suspicion. Weblinks: Introductory Video | Syllabus

The “Superior Concealment Detection™” course was developed by one of the leading experts in concealment detection, who is a former Marine and an active officer in Texas. Mike Tamez, who works in South Texas, is known worldwide for his extensive knowledge of vehicle components, mechanical skills and his keen sense to detect contraband in various constructed compartments. Mike has been an interdiction officer for nearly two decades and has identified and located thousands of hidden manufactured compartments, used by the Mexican DTOs in their effort to distribute large amounts of contraband in the United States. The course material of his course was designed by Mike and from his own experience. All media used in his course are from Mike’s own investigations and seizures.

The “Guilty™” was designed by Kenneth Biggs, which serves as a continuation of the “Smugglers, Inc™” and “Evading Honesty®” course. This course utilizes the techniques learned in the two previous courses and clearly shows how to articulate these factors in a report and properly testify to them in a court setting to win suppressions and trials. A portion of this course will involve mock trials to enhance the learning experience. This course is not the typical and generic courtroom testimony and report writing course. It is specific to roadside interviews and interdiction application.

The next two, the “Dynamics of Middle Easterners™” and the “Violent Extremism Detection™”courses, were designed and developed by Shawn himself. As mentioned Shawn speaks various languages and has not only lived in the Middle East, he has travelled the region extensively not on a combat mission. His background of open interaction with the Middle Easterners has given him the unique perspective of norm verses anomaly. His travels have included; Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, the Palestinian Territories, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. In his travels, Shawn spent an enormous amount of time learning about the locals, their culture and their history. He conducted extensive interviews with the local populous to understand the underlying issues between tribal and sectarian conflicts and was able to develop a course to educate the US LEOs about various cultures and subcultures. In his travels and through his LEO experience in the states as a former member of the FBI Task Force, IRS Task Force and current member of the DHS/HIS Task Force, Shawn has been able to determine elements that LEOs can consider in not only understanding their interaction with Middle Easterners, but also be able to detect signs of extremism through these non-coercive interviews/contacts. The extremism course takes a deep look into the ideology of various terror groups and how they impact the US LEO community, as well as how an LEO can determine with which group a suspect could possibly be an associated.

The “Smugglers, Inc.™” course and the “Evading Honesty®” will be available online through OSS Academy® mid-2016 with the rest of the courses released throughout the rest of 2016 and into 2017.

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