OSS Academy introduces NAPPI International® Personal Safety in the Community Online Course

By OSS Academy Staff | Thu, 29 Mar 2018

Has an individual ever threatened you?  How did you react? Is there anything you would have done differently to handle the situation more effectively?

Many of us have been threatened at one time or another, but how did we know if the threat was real? There are some underlying theories about threats and threat assessment. This NAPPI Community Safety online training course provides insight into how to assess the credibility of a threat. The goal is to provide a framework to keep you safer and more effective when facing unique, unexpected, challenging, difficult, or even dangerous situations.

The NAPPI Community Safety online course is intended for anyone who reaches out to people in challenging neighborhoods or buildings that may be unsafe for them or the people they serve. From pre-visit preparations to what you say and do while working in the community, NAPPI’s awareness, assessment, and response skills will keep you safe. Whether you are driving your own vehicle, approaching and entering the housing unit, or changing a tire in a rural setting, NAPPI has you covered in the safest possible way. We will also teach you skills to properly communicate with your supervisor as well as helpful tips on how to use technology to your advantage.

Participants will learn basic NAPPI principles for staying safe, including five simple strategies that will change the way they view their world and their work. The seminar will provide instruction on how to plan a community visit, and will offer quick and easy assessment and response tools for staying safe in given situations, and techniques for handling a serious threat.

This program is approved by the National Association of Social Workers, (Approval #886743327-6420) for 4 Continuing Education Contact Hours.

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