De-escalation Techniques: Limiting the Use of Force in Public Interaction #1849 (TCOLE)

By Karen Wannamaker, Police Training Weekly | Wed, 7 Mar 2018

On July 13, 2015 Sandra Bland (a 28-year-old black woman) was found hanged in a Waller County jail cell three days after being arrested during a traffic stop video. Her death, which was ruled a suicide, was followed by protests against her arrest which disputed the cause of death and alleged racial violence against Sandra.

Bland was pulled over for a traffic violation on July 10, where an exchange escalated and resulted in Bland’s arrest and charge for assaulting a police officer. The arrest was partially recorded by the officers dashcam and by a bystander’s cell phone. After authorities reviewed the dashcam footage, the officer was placed on administrative leave for failing to follow proper traffic stop procedures.

Texas Govenor Greg Abbott signed the Sandra Bland Act also known as Senate Bill 1849, into law on June 15, 2017.

“To make both officers and the public safer, S.B. 1849 increases officer training in general de-escalation and mental health de-escalation tactics,” the Senate bill analysis reads. “The use of de-escalation tactics helps ensure that both law enforcement and the public are able to go home safe.”

Unfortunately the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) mandated De-escalation Techniques: Limiting the use of Force in Public Interaction #1849 course will not be available (in an online format) and must be completed in an instructor-led setting.

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