The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement [TCOLE] has just approved the OSS Academy® as a contractual training provider.

“Simply fantastic!”, was the response from David Lee Salmon II, Training Coordinator for OSS Academy.  “This adventure has taken us several months of diligent and thorough application. Now the real work begins”, he said.

“Texas law enforcement and jail operations rank as one of the premier law enforcement environments in the world. Not to mention, it is our home state. We couldn’t be more proud to have been awarded this contract”, said Salmon.

OSS Academy® was founded almost 20 years ago and offered specifically security and government related training. We have now expanded to offer law enforcement, jail, corrections and telecommunicators training almost exclusively.

“Many of the OSS Experts have held TCOLE and nationally recognized instructor credentials for years, now we can offer our specialized training through our own expanded OSS Academy®,” said Salmon.