OSS Academy Partners with NAPPI International® for Verbal De-escalation Training

By OSS Academy Staff | Thu, 25 Jan 2018

As the severity of mental health cases increase and as more individuals present with substance abuse challenges, Non-Abusive Psychological and Physical Intervention (NAPPI) skills are proven to lessen the potential for violence and injury when used properly.

NAPPI has been training professionals in behavioral safety training since 1977. In all potentially violent settings, NAPPI stands out because of its highly specialized approach to crisis prevention.

NAPPI’s leading verbal de-escalation training was developed with the intent to empower front line officers and staff to address unwanted behaviors the moment they surface. The course teaches students to identify three aspects of escalating behavior that begin with assessing the behavior, followed by interpreting the message behind the behavior, and finally selecting the correct response options.

The goal of de-escalation is to reduce the intensity of a conflict or potentially violent situation.

The NAPPI Total Verbal Deescalation Package online training course contains 10 integrated modules that reinforce NAPPI’s philosophy that preventing violence is not a one-time action but rather an ongoing process. NAPPI accomplishes this through behavior assessment using a “common language,” humane and effective response options, and the development of a culture of cooperation. This unique program is an integrated continuum rooted in the principles of Trauma Informed Care, Recovery Model, and Positive Behavioral Supports. After completion of this course you will be empowered to act.

With NAPPI training, law enforcement officers now have another set of tools to help keep themselves and others safe. NAPPI skills may be a great alternative to using force.


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