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This TABC Enforcement for County & City Officers (TCOLE) elective online Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) training course is offered by OSS Academy® for Texas Peace Officers, Jailers, and Telecommunicators.

This course includes (see course objectives below) the History of TABC, Rates of Alcohol content, Illicit Beverages, Permits & Licensing, TABC Permits & Licenses, TABC Training Classes for Seller-Servers, Marketing Practices, Penalties & Violations, Administrative Actions, Local Officer Enforcement Guidelines, revisions of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code resulting from the 85th Legislative Session, and more.

We commend the professionalism demonstrated by the entire staff at Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission to make this course relevant and informative. We are confident a call to your local TABC will meet with the same level of professionalism and support.

We especially appreciate for the professionalism demonstrated by:

Leutenant Ryan Decuire, Houston Regional Office, TABC, &
Chistobal Martinez, Training Officer

Please note, the entire course (including any applicable course parts), final exam(s), and course evaluation(s) must be completed in order to receive three (3) hours of course credit.

TCOLE Reporting

OSS Academy® typically reports 4 to 5 times each week [excluding U.S. Federal holidays]. We report your credit directly through TCLEDDS to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement [TCOLE]. You should have already provided your full and correct name, TCOLE PID number, and other important information when registering for your account. If not, once logged in, go to Edit Profile to update your information.

Should you have any questions, simply contact the OSS Academy® Training Coordinator by phone at 281-288-9190 (Ext. 205) or online at Contact OSS Academy®.


Recall the relevance and implications of the repeal of the U.S. 21st Amendment
List the provisions of the Alcoholic Beverage Code that officers may utilize to most effectively fulfill the law enforcement and peacekeeping roles
Recognize the proper manner for conducting an inspection of an individual server training certificate
Apply the guidance provided in the checklist regarding lewd conduct and indecent exposure
Recall the checklist steps regarding possession of narcotics on the licensed premises
Define and apply the 51% Rule
Recall Administrative Checklist for Breach of Peace - Permitting a Breach of Peace on the Licensed Premises
Document a refusal or interfering with inspection
Describe the role of TABC in curbing human trafficking

OSS Academy® courses are recognized by more Peace Officer Standards and Training boards and correctional associations than any other online training provider.

Our courses are designed by Subject Matter Experts who are nationally recognized and licensed instructors. Many of our experts testify in law enforcement, corrections, and security related defense cases throughout the U.S.

Our curriculum meets or exceeds state course objective requirements.

For more information, visit OSS - Law Enforcement Advisors® or OSS Academy® online or simply contact the OSS Academy® Training Coordinator by phone at 281-288-9190 (Ext. 205) or online at Contact OSS Academy®. 

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TCOLE Training, Proficiency Requirements, & Course Equivalents

For your convenience, OSS Academy® provides a TCOLE Course Equivalent Resource with embedded hyperlinks.

See also, our entire TCOLE Courses Listing.

Should you have any questions, simply contact the OSS Academy® Training Coordinator by phone at 281-288-9190 (Ext. 205) or online at Contact OSS Academy®.

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