Texas State & Federal Law Update #3185 (TCOLE) – Now Online

By Julia Anne Lewis, Education Dynamics | Thu, 15 Jun 2017

Texas is unique in much of what we do and who we are. This is especially true in the way we support and train our peace officers, whether they are city officers, county deputies or constables, school resource officers, Texas State Troopers, Rangers, or the many special or state agents and investigators.

Every two years, as the state legislature ends their 140-day session, the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) requires each peace officer in the state to complete a course covering the latest state and federal laws. In this regard, I was not able to find another state that is so meticulous with officer education.

After talking with peace officers around the state, I learned that every two years, OSS Academy, a Spring, Texas based TCOLE training provider creates the curriculum for this important course. OSS anticipates publishing their presentation online through www.ossfirst.com mid-October 2017.

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