New Weapons Against Smugglers – Evading Honesty® Now Online!

By Stephen Boyd at Freeport Examiner™ | Fri, 29 Jul 2016

Law enforcement officers across the nation are struggling to identify and apprehend smugglers who are daily using our highways to systematically move people, drugs, weapons, and other contraband. Now there is an additional weapon in this fight … police intelligence, the detection of deception, and a new Triple I Solutions® online training course, Evading Honesty® offered through OSS Academy®. Weblinks: Introductory Video | Syllabus

Patrol officers are now able to employ their expertise in rapid behavioral analysis and statement analysis. Through these learned techniques they are able to identify triggers to determine levels of deception when interviewing individual.


These new techniques are the result of many years of research and practical application by Officers Shawn Pardazi, Kenneth Biggs, and Brandon Roberts of Triple I Solutions®. They have 50+ years of combined experience investigating large-scale drug and currency trafficking organizations that typically operate within and outside of the United States. Through our investigative research we learned their approach has been tested in various criminal court cases.

Shawn, Kenneth, and Brandon continue their work taskforces and still find time to train other federal and local officers in these proven skills. They teach courses presented across North America and recently partnered with OSS Academy®, to provide in an online format, “Evading Honesty®” and other upcoming courses to qualified officers.

About OSS Academy

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