National CPR Awareness Week – June 1-7, 2014

By Bernie Leonard, OSS Expert Witness | Thu, 5 Jun 2014

What is National CPR AED Awareness Week?

National CPR AED Awareness Week is a week set aside by Congress to raise awareness for the leading cause of death in the U.S., sudden cardiac arrest, and the ways that we are able to prevent SCA related deaths: performing CPR and using an AED. It’s a time to ask your school, work and community center where their AEDs are. It’s a time to encourage co-workers, friends and family to become certified in CPR and AED use.

Special Focus: Increasing Bystander CPR

As a member of the public safety community, you play a special role not only in responding to medical calls that require CPR, but in spreading the word about the importance of bystander CPR training. When community members are trained in CPR and are aware of AED locations, providers have a much better chance of resuscitating cardiac arrest victims.

Friends and Family CPR Classes

Both the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross offer non-certified classes for family members. Many instructors or organizations will offer these “lay-rescuer” classes at no charge. Contact your local providers and arrange for a class for your family and friends!


About the Author: Bernie Leonard has over 40 years of Public Safety and business management experience, with an extensive background that includes Law Enforcement, Fire, Emergency Medical Services, Communications, Electronic Security, Risk Management and Adult Education.  Mr. Leonard currently serves as an OSS Law Enforcement Advisors Expert Witness, an Adjunct Instructor for the Wisconsin State Technical College System and is a practicing Paramedic with a Critical Care Endorsement. His education includes an MBA in Occupational Health/Risk Management, a BS in Fire Science. He is a certified Police Officer and a graduate of the Illinois State Police Training Academy, the Midwest Tactical Training Institute and the Northwestern University Traffic Institute.