Missouri POST Recognizes OSS Academy®

By Susan Borchety, Missouri Herald | Tue, 21 May 2013

This week in Jefferson City, the Department of Public Safety, Missouri Peace Officer Standards & Training (POST) program recognized OSS Academy®, as an approved training provider for officers within our state.  This new recognition means that Missouri Peace Officers, Deputies, and Jailers throughout the State of Missouri can take online law enforcement training offered through the OSS Academy® e-learning system.

Chief’s and Sheriff’s throughout Missouri have been searching for quality, yet more cost-effective solutions for training of their law enforcement officers, deputies, and corrections officer staff given the current budget pinches.

The average cost of an OSS Academy® one hour training course is $15.00 with lower costs when purchased through a program.  Through the OSS Academy® e-learning system, agency heads can designate what courses they want officer training to focus on and they can even check daily on officer progress, through the academy’s robust Learning Management System (LMS).

“Our primary goals are to provide top-flight low-cost online law enforcement and corrections training throughout the United States, while making the job of the department’s training officers, easier through electronic reporting and online record keeping”, said David Salmon, Training Coordinator for OSS Academy®.  While discussing state budget impacts on officer training with Salmon, he said, “Missouri is by no means in the worse position nationwide regarding funding for officer training.  Some states we service have very high yearly mandated training requirements, yet state and local agencies are running annual deficits.”