Becoming a Texas Police Officer – A Shortcut

By Samuel Lawrence, The Law Enforcement Journal | Thu, 5 Feb 2015

As the Texas economy continues to boom, so has the need for Peace Officers. No doubt, cities and towns are aggressively competing for qualified officers. More and more local governments throughout Texas are recruiting experienced officers from other parts of Texas and throughout the United States.

A law enforcement academy in Spring, Texas has a solution. Applicants with licensed police experience in other states, the military, or federal service may now be eligible to become Texas Peace Officers. Working through the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement [TCOLE], OSS Academy® has developed an online course that, once completed, provides qualified and experienced law enforcement applicants knowledge to challenge the Texas State Peace Officers examination. Challenging the state exam saves substantial time as there may not be a requirement to attend a local law enforcement academy.

Known as the Supplemental Peace Officer Course #1018, the OSS Academy® course presents out of state police, federal, and military law enforcement officers with online instruction in topics they must know to successfully navigate the Texas Licensing Examination. To name a few, topics within the OSS Academy® Supplemental Peace Officer Course #1018 include the Texas Penal Code, Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, Texas Family Code, and Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

Out of state officers who desire to take a more traditional route, should review TCOLE document Requirements for Licensed Texas Law Enforcement Careers. On the other hand, interested candidates may also visit OSS Academy® at or contact the Training Coordinator at 281-288-9190 ext. 205. I personally found the site easy to navigate, and enrollment in their courses was simple.

The OSS Academy® Training Coordinator strongly recommends that officers first contact TCOLE directly at 512-936-7700 with specific questions, to develop a clear roadmap, and to confirm if the Supplemental Peace Officer Course #1018 option is even available to them. Additionally, carefully review the TCOLE webpage, Out of State Peace Officers – Getting a License if you are an out of state Peace Officer.

About OSS Academy

To learn more about OSS Academy® contact our Training Coordinator at 281-288-9190 (Ext. 205).