Accept the Challenge as a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission Agent Trainee

By TABC Recruiter, Keon Flowers | Wed, 4 Jun 2014

The career of a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) agent allows for a robust law enforcement experience that has a focus on investigation and inspection. Agents are assigned to specific offices following the training academy that is currently held twice per year (Summer and Fall) at Camp Mabry in Austin for approximately 6 weeks. Each of the over 20 statewide enforcement offices has specific scheduling needs, but, maintains flexibility based on agent and agency needs.

Health Insurance

  • State of Texas paid individual health coverage and discounts on dependent coverage


  • Personal State retirement account and Law Enforcement and Custodial Officer Supplement Retirement Fund and ability to buy back state and military service.
  • Retirement program administered by Employee Retirement Systems of Texas.

Life Insurance

  • $5000 Basic Term Life Insurance when enrolled in health coverage.

Paid Holidays

  • Employees are granted several paid federal and state holidays throughout the year.

Paid Time Off

  • TABC_State_Police_Logo

    All TABC employees receive generous vacation and sick time allotments.

  • TABC agents are able to take up to 3 hours of Wellness Leave per week.

Tuition Reimbursement

  • In order to promote employee development through job related education.

Possible Monthly Stipends

  • Up to $150 per month continuing education or $50 for bilingual proficiency.
  • Agents receive a monthly clothing cleaning allowance.
  • Agents will receive reimbursements for expenses, which are incurred while away from their assigned duty station as provided by State Law.

Agent Salary Schedule *Fiscal Year 2014

Job Classification Title    Years of TABC Service    Monthly Base Salary    Annual Base Salary
Agent Trainee     Less than 1 yr              $3,421.00                  $41,052
Agent I     Less than 4 yrs             $4,131.83                  $49,582
Agent II     4 to 7 years                 $4,749.75                  $56,997
Agent III     8 to 11 years               $5,098.50                  $61,182
Agent IV     12 to 15 years              $5,333.41                  $64,001
Agent V     16 to 19 years              $5,586.16                  $67,034
Agent VI     20 years +                   $5,724.08                  $68,689

Anticipated Agent Salary Schedule *Fiscal Year 2015

Agent Trainee    Less than 1 yr              $3,583.91                  $43,007
Agent I    Less than 4 yrs             $4,328.58                  $51,943
Agent II    4 to 7 years                  $5,278.00                  $63,336
Agent III    8 to 11 years                $5,653.75                  $67,845
Agent IV    12 to 15 years               $5,903.50                  $70,842
Agent V    16 to 19 years               $6,176.25                  $74,115
Agent VI    20 years +                    $6,328.91                  $75,947

*Note, this chart does not include promotion opportunities: Sergeant, Captain, Major, etc.

Qualifications and Requirements of a TABC Agent:

  • Minimum 21 years of age
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Active Peace Officer Certification (TCLEOSE or TCOLE)
  • Able to successfully complete written and physical training assessments; -and-
  • Four Years Law Enforcement experience –or-
  • Graduation form and accredited four-year university or college –or-
  • Four years of military experience with honorable discharge

What is your next step?

  1. Apply for Agent Trainee Position:  use reference source of Recruitment Poster on your application profile
    • If there is not a current Agent Trainee posting complete a job interest card
    • Only offices with a current opening will have a need for an Agent Trainee, there are opportunities to transfer station offices as positions become available.
  2. A basic background check will begin on qualified applicants
  3. If invited, the agent written assessment will be administered approximately 2 months prior to training academy at a regional office:
    • Rules of Arrest, Search and Seizure, Use of Weapons & Force
    • (TEXAS CODE OF CRIMINAL PROCEDURE Chapters 2,14,18 and 59 & TEXAS PENAL CODE Chapters 6, 9,12, 19,20,20A,21 22, 38, 42,46,49 and 71)
    • Laws, Rules, Regulations, and Texas Codes
    • (TEXAS CODE OF CRIMINAL PROCEDURE Chapters 2,14,18 and 59 & TEXAS PENAL CODE Chapters 6, 9,12, 19,20,20A,21 22, 38, 42,46,49 and 71)
    • Basic Computer/ Software Skills
    • Basic Arithmetic Skills, Map Reading
    • Written Communication & Report Writing
  4. The physical training assessment will be administered the same day as written test or may be completed at a later date in TABC office closer to home:
    • 300 Meter Run – 93 seconds –and-
    • Push Ups – 13 (no time limit) –and-
    • 1.5 Mile Run – 21:55 minutes  Or
    • Complete 2,000 meters on rowing machine – 21:55 minutes
  5. Test scores are calculated and applicants are invited to a panel interview approximately 4-6 weeks from start of academy.
  6. Panel interview invitations issued and scheduled with Enforcement division leadership.
  7. Additional background screening is conducted on candidates.
  8. Final decisions are made and offers are made to new agent trainees.
  9. Agent Trainees will begin their training at Camp Mabry in Austin, TX.
  10. Upon training completion, agent will report to their assigned station office.
  11. Exceptional service allows agents’ opportunities with TABC include Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Assistant Chief and Chief. The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) provides an option for further exploration of criminal activities.

The Fall 2014 Academy will begin October 13, 2014 at Camp Mabry
The offices that will be in need of  new agents are: Del Rio, Laredo, Odessa and Houston

Click here for original TABC Agent Trainee Posting.

For additional information, contact recruiter, Mr. Keon Flowers  or 512-206-3211.